Approaches to Digital Game Studies (Book Series)

“Approaches to Digital Game Studies examines the social significance of digital games, bringing together a range of voices from different disciplines in order to advance ongoing conversations and initiate new areas of inquiry in the field of game studies. While conversant in digital game studies, titles in this innovate series bring approaches, theories, methods, and questions…

Digital Game Studies (Book Series)

“Digital Game Studies is a series dedicated to the investigation of the largest, fastest growing, and most popular form of mediated entertainment—the video/computer game. In responses to the growth in gaming over the last two decades, games, gamer culture, and gaming practices have increasingly become the focus of academic publications, conference panels, and university courses….

Digital Media and Learning (Book Series)

“This book series is founded upon the working hypothesis that those immersed in new digital tools and networks are engaged in an unprecedented exploration of language, games, social interaction, problem solving, and self-directed activity that leads to diverse forms of learning. This is reflected in expressions of identity, in how individuals express independence and creativity,…

Playful Thinking (Book Series)

“Playful Thinking is a series of short, readable and argumentative books that share some playfulness and excitement with the games that they are about. Each book in the series is small enough to fit in a backpack or coat pocket and combines depth with readability for any reader interested in playing more thoughtfully or thinking…

Platform Studies (Book Series)

“The Platform Studies series promotes the investigation of underlying computing systems and how they enable, constrain, shape and support the creative work that is done on them. The series investigates the foundations of digital media — the computing systems, both hardware and software, that developers and users depend upon for artistic, literary, and gaming development….