Author: Mitch Dyer

Publisher: N/A

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“Editor. Critic. Reporter. Journalist. Whatever you want to call this job I do, everyone seems to want to do it. Of course. You get to write about video games, after playing a bunch of video games, and then you can talk to the people who made the video games! It’s great.

Why wouldn’t you want to do it? I see a lot of “How to Be a Games Journalist” guides discourage people from trying. It doesn’t pay well. You don’t play a lot of games. It’s not the job you think. All of these things are true. I still can’t imagine doing anything else right now.

Most of the questions people ask me here are about how they can start writing about games. I’ve received a strangely large amount of those questions recently.

This is the catch-all thought-vomit I’ll be referring to any time I get asked that question. I hope it’s helpful.” – Mitch Dyer

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