" Each person defines games in his own way—the anthropologists and folklorists in terms of historical origins; the military men, businessmen, and educators in terms of usages; the social scientists in terms of psychological and social functions. There is overwhelming evidence in all this that the meaning of games is, in part, a function of the ideas of those who think about them. "- Brian Sutton-Smith

" Everything I needed to know about the future of journalism, I learned from game designers "- Heather Chaplin

" One of the most difficult tasks people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games. "- Carl G. Jung

" While looking at a game as it is presented as a boxed product may tell us something about the given structure of the artifact or its imagined player, understanding it as a lived object—as a playful artifact—comes via an attention to the assemblage that constructs our actual games and play. "- T. L. Taylor,

" So what does it mean to 'play critically'? Critical play means to create or occupy play environments and activities that represent one or more questions about aspects of human life...[It] is characterized by a careful examination of social, cultural, political, or even personal themes that function as alternates to popular play spaces. "- Mary Flanagan, Critical Play