Type: Game

Cost: Free

Platform(s): Web


“Stasis is a game which explores the walking home controversy which has swept the internet in recent months. The game illustrates another perspective, walking home in the dark, that raises similar issues of gender, catcalling, and most importantly safety. The game allows you to play the role of a woman while having to fend off unwanted advances. There is often times no telling what level of interaction can either stop the behavior or encourage more harassment or even violence so the woman remains a silent protagonist throughout the game from beginning until the end when she arrives home. It is up to you, as the gamer and subsequent godly entity, to ensure that she gets home safe and is hit with the minimum amount of harassment as possible.” – Stasis



Curator: Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox is an assistant professor in the Game Design & Development program at Wilfrid Laurier University where he researches & creates knowledge translation games. He is also the co-founder & former editor-in-chief of First Person Scholar.

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